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Money, credit, loans and education all these are all too familiar to many people as they start to work in their new found jobs after graduating from college. The fact remains that education is not a cheap affair, and when it comes to paying back all the student loans taken out during college, it can be cumbersome and turn out to be a headache.

How can one get over the situation of having to pay multiple repayments for the many loans taken and not miss a single one? The answer is simple, and it is with student loan consolidation.

Student Loans

All around the US, the cost of education is rising, and it has been doing kujyhtgfrso the last decade or more. Many young people who have graduated from college are starting new careers with a debt that has to be paid. Often, most students take small loans during various times in their student life.

Keeping track of these loans can be very difficult as most of them are little amounts and will have to be paid on different days. In such a case it would be great to use a consolidation and payoff calculator to try and ascertain how loan consolidation can make your life much easier as far as the repayments are concerned.

What is student loan consolidation?

Student loan consolidation, in essence, is when you take one big loan and pay off all the small ones you have taken during your college period. Taking one such loan has multiple benefits.

Pay only one repayment installment

In this case, you do not have to deal with multiple small payments. You can keep track of the loan through one monthly repayment and not miss a single month.

Better interest rates

In the past banks may have given out loans on higher interest rates and in the present competitive environment, you can take advantage of a much lower rate. In this way, you will actually pay less.

kujyhtgrfReschedule the loan

When you take out one loan to settle your student loans, you will get a new repayment schedule. This can be a lot easier on your purse as you are just starting your careers and may have other commitments too.


Overall, student loan consolidation is a great way to reduce your burden of the loans and make it easier for you to keep track of your payments. It is a well-accepted way of also keeping your credit score intact.