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Education plays a critical role in our lives. Notably, this topic has attracted heated debates in the recent past.

This begs the question, what is education?

How different is it from schooling?

Well, the main reason many people fail to arrive at a consensus is that most of them confuse education with schooling.

As such, when the word is mentioned, what comes into their minds are places or institution of learning and a couple of professions that rely on formal education.

In this regard, this article explores education definition oxford.

First, education is a process of inviting facts, getting those facts and giving them time for discovery or application.

As such, notable scholars consider it a part of life and not the concept of preparation for a future living (career contexts). In this regard, real educators focus on acting with people and not on them.

Their primary objective is to develop some potential in the learners.

Essentials of Education



Education should be a deliberate process. When educating others or being educated, act with an on objective of developing and cultivating important skills for future application. As such, the purpose of being educated can be for personal development (self-education) or helping others met their life goals.


For educators to achieve their objective of teaching others, education should be a process that is accompanied by respect for all stakeholders involved.

As such, there should be an attitude or mutual feeling between the educators and the learners. Ideally, when there is respect, were able to develop focus and derive meaning in what we are doing.

Informed Educators

According to education definition Oxford, to facilitate learning, the subjects involved should demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject.

Notably, teachers and educators should possess some knowledge that learners do not have. This is an essential part of knowledge transfer.


Education demands more than having educators and learners that are willing to learn.

For the process to complete, this process should be accompanied by some actions.

This includes educators making deliberate efforts of transferring knowledge and learners acting with some sensitivity of improving themselves.


Acting with a Hope of sharing In future

As far as education is concerned, we have seen a thoughtful process accompanied by deliberate actions.

In this regard, education should be accepted with an objective of helping and individual or the society in future.

The commitment to improve lives is vital in education.