Dietary SupplementsSome sources that come to mind when seeking dietary supplements are grocery stores, pharmacies, health food shops, and retailers online. They offer a variety of dietary supplements for your choice, and the availability of multiple choices is both a blessing and a curse. Thus, the first tip should be to manage your expectations and be reasonable in your demands. The council of responsible nutrition acknowledges that the number one reason for the abuse of dietary supplements is the existence of high expectations in all cases even when the individual has health conditions that can interfere with the efficacy of the supplements. Here are other tips for buying the best dietary supplements.

Be patient and avoid quick fixes

Quick fixes could appear as time savers, but they can cost you your life or your finances as you spend more money trying to fix a problem that should not be there in the first place. The best supplements usually work in moderation providing you benefits that show up over a long period. They are not painkiller medication, and therefore it is impractical for you to expect them to present results immediately. They need to work just like notorious natural food hence the slow release and timed presentation of benefits to your body.

Be wary of cons

When the deal for dietary supplements sounds too good, then it is mainly just that, and you should look the other way because the promises will not hold up. Most of such deals are scams that will make you part with your money faster than you expect.

Always go for rated and trusted brands

Rely on real user reviews and check the qualifications and test outcomes of the brands available to you. Go with known brands that you can verify their origin. Always rely on personal recommendations because they tend to be trustworthy when they come from individuals who used the same supplements. Trusted brands are likely to be the ones investing the resources in researching and come up with efficient ways of delivering nutritional benefits in the dietary supplement.

Look for security and safety signs in the package

supplements buying guideThe supplements should have the right recognizable seals and store branding when you purchase it. The tamperproof mechanisms should be intact, and there should be badges showing regulatory approval of the product. You should check for certifications showing the authenticity of the manufacturing processes for the supplement.

Confirm with the local regulations in your area and the statements provided by the supplement manufacturer on their website on whether the products on sale are legal. You should only go with the legal products to protect yourself in case things go wrong. You can claim returns or compensation for any damage caused as long as you consumed a legal product.

Always visit the company’s website

This step is critical because you want to see the product on sale and learn more about its properties. You also want to learn about any intended uses of the product so that you do not abuse it. Manufacturer websites may also provide additional packaging information to help you spot the originals from the fake.

cannabis bongIt does not matter whether you are doing it for the very first time or the 50th or 100th time, but all I know is that selecting the right cannabis bong for purchase can be a challenging task. A spot check in the current market will reveal to you that there is a variety of cannabis bongs in the market that differs in some aspects. These bongs have different designs, percolators, and glass thickness such that you cannot know where to start. But do not worry as in this guide we are going to highlight some of the factors that you should take into consideration to select the right cannabis bong.

Glass thickness

One of the first factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing a cannabis bong is the thickness of the glass that is used to make it because this to a great length determines it’s durability. It is recommended that you go for one that has thick glass but while at it ensure that you take into consideration the environment in which you are going to use this bong. If it is stationed in one room, then you can go for one that has thin glass, but if you will be carrying it around and you have friends who are clumsy, it is advisable that you go for one which has a thick glass.


When it comes to the issue of percolators, there is not one that can get a straight recommendation as it depends on the one who is making a purchase. When you weigh on which percolator to settle for, one, take into consideration the level of smoothness that it provides after filtration, and secondly, the amount of drag that you will achieve when pulling the smoke. If it is now that you have started using a cannabis bong, then you need not purchase a percolator. For a starter in cannabis bong use, it is advisable to avoid bongs that have numerous percolators.


When you are out there looking to purchase a cannabis bong, you should take into consideration how easy or hard it will be for you to clean your bong. Since you will be using it, it will become dirty at some point as it would have accumulated some smoke residue and tar. That is why it is recommended that you select a simple cannabis bong that has no percolators as this will be easy to clean. But if it has two or more percolators, then be sure that you will have to put more into its cleaning. To avoid all this, buy an ash catcher as you can use it best with a bong that has got percolators.

Joint size

Joints in cannabis bongs usually come in two common sizes, those that have 14mm and those that have 18mm. To achieve the best experience and use, it is advisable that you purchase a bong that has joints that are of the same size as this will go a long way in allowing you to mix and match if you break a slide.